About Us

Our Mantra

Self-sustainability is the key to success! 

MadeInIndiaGoods is an initiative by Synk Consulting Group, a one-stop destination, featuring the largest collection of India-made products with the best buy options. We feel this is high time that the goods made and manufactured in India get the spotlight that they deserve, and we are here to make that true and easy for you.

We strongly believe in a self-sustaining ecosystem and the same is reflected in our website. Here, we feature products ranging from electronics and appliances to clothing and skincare that have been fabricated locally. Our mission is to empower the local businesses and connect you to them all in one place. As a team, we aspire to make your experience of buying local goods an effortless one by catering to your needs. 

By shopping locally, you are part of the ripple effect as you contribute to the country's economy and support the growth of small and medium enterprises. You will be part of the community that supports local businesses at the cost of amazing products and you take pride in it too! Not only are you joining hands with many for the #MakeInIndia initiative, but you will also be the reason to curb the scope of foreign players in the market.

 We are geared towards giving you the best experience with home-grown merchandise along with the expertise that you seek. At MadeInIndiaGoods, we believe there are many ways to feel proud of being an Indian. A better way is to empower each other by choosing Made In India Goods and taking a step towards becoming more vocal for local. After all, isn't it all about going swadesi? 

#AtmanirbharBharat ! 

#SayNoToChinaProducts !